Nude #02


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    Artist: Esther van der Wallen

    Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art, format 60×50, incl. frame and museumglass, edition 5 (+ 2 A.P.)

    Esther van der Wallen was fascinated by photography since she was nine years old. However, in the first instance she started using photography as scetches for her paintings. Photography for her is playing with light. After the shoot, she is mostly cropping the images to create tension. She doesn’t want her models to pose, as she seeks action and spontaneity. By applying motion blur and/or a coarse grain is an exciting and sometimes extravagant image made to tickle her audience.She is inspired by photographers as Miroslav Tichý, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Gerard Fieret, but also artists like René Magritte, Man Ray, Salvador Dalí and Carel Willink.

    Esther van der Wallen exhibited at Miljonair Fair (2012), Pulchri Studio Den Haag (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), De Kolk Spaarndam (2017), Victor Laurentius Gallery (2017), De Galerie Den Haag (2017). Groepstentoonstelling De Galerie, Den Haag (2018, 2019), Groepstentoonstelling Sandvoort Gallery, Amstelpassage, Amsterdam CS (1018), Solo expositie KV2, ANNA Vastgoed & Cultuur, Den Haag (2019).

    © Esther van der Wallen, selfportrait, 2018
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