Booth 38 at art fair KunstRai

Booth 38 at art fair KunstRai 2019 in Amsterdam.We were able to present the art box made by photographer Mart Boudestein about famous Dutch artist Co Westerik who passed away at rthge age of 94 in September 2018. Next to vintage pieces by Jean Ruiter (1942-2005), amazing Nightscapes by Mischa Keijser, beautiful small pieces of…

Sandvoort Gallery on AAF 2018

Sandvoort Gallery will present the work of three artists we represent not so long: Diana Blok, Mart Boudestein and Teun Voeten.  Next to their work, we will also show pieces of other artists. The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2018 will be open for the general public from November 1 till 4. The Charity Private Viewing…

Rudi Huisman conquers Spain

A year ago we have sold a beautiful portrait by Rudi Huisman ‘The girl with the redpepper’ to a client in Madrid, Spain. Next month a Spanish magazine is publishing a picture story about this client’s house: with Rudi’s piece on the wall….

Sandvoort Gallery KvK 65012003 - BTW NL092843669B02