Noordwijk aan Zee, 1953


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    Artist: Paul Huf (1924-2002)

    Noordwijk. Reclamefoto  voor Everglade stoffen (1953)

    Fine art pigment print, produced with a new made scan from the original negative, size 40,5×39,5cm.


    Paul Huf (1924-2002), son of actor Paul Huf Sr., is still the Netherlands’ most famous (portrait) photographer. He portrayed many well-known Dutch people, but was also known for his advertising photography (for example, the beer campaign of Grolsch) and fashion photography. Huf’s photographs are glamorous and have an almost un-Dutch allure. Legendary was his series of sixty record covers in color, for classical music commissioned by Philips in 1954. Huf also made films, including a documentary portrait of painter Carel Willink (1975). He was, together with colleague Eva Besnyö, involved in the foundation of Photomuseum Amsterdam, now known as FOAM.

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