Selfportrait Polaroid 50x60cm, app. 1985


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    Artist: Toto Frima

    Unique shot on 50×60 Polaroid, 1985.

    During the 80’s and 90’s there were only 3 Polaroid camera’s for the extraordinary size of 50x60cm images in Europe. It was very expensive to use this camera, especially because the photographer needed a special assistant to use this equipment. Toto Frima had the possibility to use this camera for her projects several times since 1985 with the assistance of Jan Hnizdo.

    A Polaroids is a unique print, of which no copies exists. Although this print is 35 years old, the quality is still as new.

    Provenance: this art work has been aquired in 1994 directly from Toto Frima, and has been in the possession of a Dutch collector ever since then.

    The artwork will be delivered in the original frame with glas, size 96x80cm.



    Toto Frima (1953, The Hague) explored her own body and female identity through photography.

    She used herself in her search. While the first photos were still simple self-portraits in which she looked into the camera intensely and nervously, the photos have later grown into portraits of a confident woman who does not hesitate to show her sensual side too.

    Toto Frima is self-taught as a photographer. In 1979, after being a model for eight years, she took her first photos, self-portraits with an erotic charge. After her Polaroid SX70 photos are already selected the following year for an international group exhibition in the Center Pompidou in Paris, her name is established in the photography world. In the mid-80s, Toto Frima was given the opportunity to work with a special Polaroid camera. This camera made Polaroid’s of 50×60 cm. Because she now has to work in a studio and in the presence of a technician, the work becomes less intimate, but Toto Frima stays true to her subject and only photographs herself.

    In 1990 the photo album ‘Toto Frima 50×60’ was published (with text by Klaus Honnef) and the Rheinisches Landes Museum in Bonn organized a major retrospective of her work. Many of her self-images from this period are diptychs, distinct in form and subtle in color and atmosphere.

    Since 1998, Frima has been working alternately with the small SX70 and the large 50×60 Polaroid format. The work is less voyeuristic and more sober in nature. But what has remained is the subtle colors and surprising compositions and – almost naturally – the subject: Toto Frima.


    Solo exhibitions: Centre Pompidou, Paris (1983), Canon Image Centre, Amsterdam (1985), Rheinisches Landes Museum, Bonn (1990), Musées de la Photographie, Charleroi (1990-91), Liberia Maeght, Barcelona (1991), the University of Valencia (1991), De Meervaart, Amsterdam (1991), Galerie Melkweg, Amsterdam (1998), Gallery WM, Amsterrdam (2001).

    Group exhibitions: “Instantenées”, Centre Pompidou (1980), “Les autoportraits de photographes”, Centre Pompidou (1982), “Atelier Polaroid”, Centre Pompidou (1985).

    Her art work has been concluded n the collections of Centre Pompidou (1980), Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst (1988), Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Ville de Paris (1993).


    Toto Frima, 1998




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