Nike #1

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    Artist: Susanne Middelberg

    Prices and formats on request.


    After completing a modern dance education at the Higher school for Arts in Arnhem, Susanne Middelberg graduated in 1998 from the Academy for Visual Arts, from the photography department.
    Since then she has worked as a freelance photographer making independent work and by order of magazines and theater dance posters.
    Susanne specializes in portrait and theater- dance photography.

    Exhibitions :

    2015 “Voor de Camera”, four photographers Raadhuis De Pauw, Wassenaar
    2014 Solo exhibition with her Wonderwomanserie at Soho Photo gallery in Soho, New York
    2014 Solo exhibition with her Wonderwomanserie at Galerie van Slagmaat Woerden, NL
    2014 Portraits at the Fence in Boston
    2012 Photoville, New York .
    2012 Gallery United Photo Industries, New York
    1998-2011 Further exhibitions at the Holland Dance Festival, Cadance festival in the Hague, Reflex Modern Art Gallery in Amsterdam, the Art Location in Hildesheim, Hollandsche Virgin in Gouda, galerie Fontana Fortuna in Amsterdam

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