Kornwerderzand, Afsluitdijk

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    Artist: Siebe Swart
    Fine art pigment print, mounted on dibond with profile, limited edition
    Siebe Swart (Amsterdam, 1957) documentary photographer specialised in panorama and aerial photography for design, town and country planning. Lives and works in Amsterdam.
    Swart operates a comprehensive online aerial archive and works in commission for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the national newspaper NRC.
    With nai010 publishers Swart has cooperated on books such as The Delta works, Port of Rotterdam, The Reconstruction Era, Sweet and Salt.
    Swart published several books, in 2007 Panorama Nederland, a monumental book describing the transformation of the Dutch landscape as a result of major infrastuctural projects over a period of 10 years (1997-2007).
    In 2012 HetLageLand / TheLowland was published, on the occasion of the exhibition in Huis Marseille – Museum for Photgraphy, featuring he battle against the water of the Dutch in present, past and future.
    Currently Swart works a long-term panorama project inspired by Dutch coast.
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