Illuminated Bodies: Leaf Vein


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    Artist: Robin Noorda

    Fine art pigment print, size 80x80cm with frame, edition 0f 7 (+ 2. A.P.).


    Robin Noorda (1959) started his study audiovisual design, photography and animation at the Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) in 1978. He continued with a study composition, minimal and electronic music at the CEM Studio (Hilversum), and internship at the Toonder Studio and the Dutch television broadcaster NOS.

    In the 80’s he was designer and animator for the Dutch national television and pioneer of computer animation.

    He was one of the founders of the ‘Tropism Art and Science Collective’. Traveled several times through Mongolia, and produced an exhibition, a photo book and the documentary ‘Shivering Beauty – Soundscape of Mongolia’.

    Later he was the director of two stop-motion animation movies ‘Red-End’, winning several awards at a number of international film festivals.

    Next to documentary and landscape photography, he also works with experimental technics. For the travelling exhibition ‘Photosynthesis’ he produced infrared photography, Kirlian photograms, X-ray photograms and scanning electron microscopy photography.

    Ands he focused on 360º panorama’s he calls ‘Hyperbolics’ (you find some of those works also onm our website), and together with Margot van ded Stolpe on the project ‘Ultra Vanity’ (click on this link to see this project) photographed with ultraviolet light.

    His interactive light installations are exposed at light festivals in Amsterdam, Groningen, Sweden, China, Singapore and Sydney.

    Recently he worked on his series ‘Illuminated bodies’. The female body out of the box. Patterns stand for habits, rules and rituals. These works with projected patterns stand for vituality of the dictated habits and illustrate the potential ease to just step out of the dominating rules.

    The power of dominations is just a less than skin deep shallowness that is gone when you move out of the projection.

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