Paradiso Stills, 1981

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    Artist: Max Natkiel

    PE print, 1986, size 19,5×19,7.

    Max Natkiel (1943) was one of the fanatic visitors of Amsterdam’s pop-temple Paradiso in the seventies and eighties, during the the age of Punk. While having fun, he became aware of the temporary nature of the Paradiso-scene at the time. From 1980 onwards he decided tor bring his camera along, when goning to concerts and other occasions, as if to try and stop time. He was just in time to capture the end of the first Punk-wave and the transition of the eighties, with the diversity of Skins, Rude Boys, Rasta’s, Rockers, Mollucans, Teds, Mods, Heavy Metal Hardrockers in their sub-cultural meeting=centre ‘Paradiso’.

    In 1986 Fragment (Amsterdam) published the book ‘Paradiso Stills’ with about 200 portraits Max Natkiel shoots between 1980 en 1984. A selection simultaniously was showns at the photogallery Hollandse Hoogte in 1986.



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