Nature #02


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    Artist: Martine Goulmy

    Fine art pigment print, 30x30cm

    Prices on request.

    Martine Goulmy (1973) was born as photographer: “The need to make beautiful, imaginative pictures without any pre-imposed frameworks. That’s locked in my DNA. Therefore, in addition to my commercial work, I make my free work with much love, passion and creativity. Characteristic for my free work is, even though I say it myself, is my eye for detail. Nature is my source of inspiration. Light, reflection, structures are my palette. With these elements I make my compositions. ”

    “Nature is able to renew itself again and again. Nature is different every day. The changes are determined by the circumstances. Environment, weather, climate and humans determine the circumstances. In nature nothing happens for nothing. Everything has a reason that even death can be hopeful and challenging. “Nature” puts nature in a different light. Nature itself is always clear, my work leaves space for the human imagination. “

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