Water On Edge, monochrome #08


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    Artist: Marloes der Kinderen

    Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 310gram mat smooth or white bright mat 305gr. 100% cotton, size 20x30cm, edition of 5 (+ 1 A.P.).


    Monochrome Series ‘Water On Edge’ (2008-2020)

    The Genii Loci of the riverbank, not manipulated photography.

    Modern humans are conditioned to regard the landscape horizontally. Indeed the construction of the landscape genre and a modern way of seeing via 17 century Dutch painting dictates a geometry of discrete, horizontal planes of heavens and earth. We are so conditioned to imagine with this perspective that even when we lie down, our brains turn an image so it fits a horizon.

    Water On Edge is part of a process of learning how to look and experience a world awry. In the several seasons spent filming river banks of the Allier which run through the region described above, in the Massif Central, in France for over ten years in all seasons, Marloes der Kinderen has immersed herself in these in-between zones, filming from a vertiginous 90 degrees.  Seen from this angle, the once so separate planes of sky, earth and water intermingle in interdependent, metamorphic and magical ecologies of worlding and becoming.

    Technical: Marloes der Kinderen edited this symmetrical monochrome series with a lot of sharpness and structure to give it an etching or lithographic look like in old book illustrations.

    Marloes der Kinderen (born 1957, Eindhoven), studied Fine Art at the Royal Academy for Fine Art in ‘s Hertogenbosch. She was running in her early twenties a Modern Art gallery in Eindhoven. She completed her education as fine art teacher at TeHaTex in Tilburg and worked in the eighties at two high schools.

    Der Kinderen established an itinerary art school, Artedu, in the nineties on different locations in France, Belgium and the Netherlands in which she attracted both leading artists and teachers such as Rob Nypels, Bert Verhoeff, Marc Mildner and many others. She organised workshops on drawing, painting, photography, music, philosophy and writing courses.

    As part of Artedu, Der Kinderen developed an art-training program entitled CREAM (Creative Active Management Development). CREAM combines rightbrain drawing and management strategies for entrepreneurs.

    In 1998 she initiated a Maison d’Hôtes ‘La Grande Maison’ in Chanteuges (Auvergne, France). Chanteuges has become a permanent centre for Artedu, and also houses a atelier where Der Kinderen has finally time to return to her own creative work: painting, collage and photography.

    Marloes der Kinderen currently splits her time between Chanteuges, and her ‘winter home’ on the Island of Marken (near Amsterdam).

    Exhibitions: Summer exhibition, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague (2012). Summer exhibition, Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle (2017). WTC Gallery Rotterdam (2018-2019). KunstaanZ, Deventer (2019). GNG Galerie d’Art Contemporain, solo exhibition Paris (2019). ‘Le Pensée Sauvage’, solo exhibition, Pebrac, Auvergne (2019). WM Gallery, solo exhibition, Amsterdam (2020).

    Marloes der Kinderen (foto © Rob Overmeer)


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