Unica: #19 Timeless Notion, 2021 -formaat ca. 16,5x20cm-


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    Artist: Mark Verdoes

    Hahnemühle Baryta print, met randje bladgoud, gemonteerd op 1000gr. zuurvrij papier, formaat ca. 16,5x20cm.

    Uniek exemplaar, hier wordt geen oplage van gemaakt.




    Mark Verdoes (The Hague, 1960) started his career as a photographer for Esquire, Avantgarde and other magazines. Following his need for artistic freedom, he developed into a versatile, multi-disciplinary artist. Over the years has he has built an impressive  portfolio strongly inspired by the Tao and nature with exhibitions since the early nineties.

    According to Mark Verdoes art should be an experience, a sensory stimulation. When people are confronted with something they do not immediately understand, their mind is forced to transcend the obvious. By evoking original thoughts, he hopes to open doors to other dimensions. Verdoes’ work is a reflection of how he experiences the world, a controlled arrangement of seemingly coincidental processes in which everything is connected with everything. The result is his contemporary vision on our universe.
    The recurring principle in Mark Verdoes’ work is “all is changing shape continuously”. With his unique blend of techniques and materials he plays with the elements and laws of nature (“the guided coincidence”), while at the same time reasoning every step and controlling the process to the smallest detail.


    1997-1999 Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague
    1985-1988 Photographic design, MTS Photograhy & Photonica, The Hague

    Mark Verdoes lives and works in the Netherlands.

    © Mark Verdoes
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