Flora Imago Dark: Dandelions, 2021


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    Artist: Margot van de Stolpe

    Fine art pigment print, size 60x80cm, mounted on dibond, edition of 10 (+ 1 A.P.).


    Flora Imago (Photograms)

    In this new experimental series called ‘Flora Imago’, Margot van de Stolpe makes portraits of flowers in which the characteristics and personality is captured in the form of photograms. The essence of the fleeting and airy existence of flowers in botanical photograms is visualised in a water-coloristic way. The collection forms a contemporary herbarium with compositional references to Ikebana. She spend almost four years to develop this way of making these special photograms.

    There is a Blond and a Dark series, with a distinct reference to day- and nighttime. In the Blond-series the light is allowed to flood the plant like a blistering dawn.

    In the Black-series the nocturnal darkness forms a strong contrast with the original light radiating from the flowers.

    The ever expanding collection of this artistic herbarium aims to be a tribute to the magical blossoming and procreation of plant life in all its colours, forms and diversity.




    Margot van de Stolpe is one of the members of the Tropism Art & Science Foundation, situated in Amsterdam. Tropism is the movement of an organism in response to a stimulus. The most famous example of tropism is a plant that grows toward the light.

    Taking their lead from this, the Tropists are artists that are triggered by nature and aim to pass on that stimulus.

    Educated as a designer at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Margot van de Stolpe has had her own studio and made monumental roll shutter art and murals amongst other things. Currently she creates autonomous art and works on a regular basis together with Robin Noorda. Her work is characterised by a powerful, virtuous design-lining combined with an expressive monumental idiom.
    Her main sources of inspiration are light, patterns and structures in nature. Patterns are for Margot the foundation, the direction, the informative code along which all living things are formed. They provide growth of an organism by repetition of the fixed basic form, as in fractal geometry.




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