Willem Diepraam, Portugal oktober 1974


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    TITEL                           Portugal oktober 1974

    FOTOGRAFIE              Willem Diepraam


    UITGEVER                   BNO

    JAAR                             2010

    EDITION                       1e druk

    AFMETINGEN             22,5 x 16 cm


    ISBN                              geen

    CONDITIE                    Nieuw


    BIJZONDERHEDEN: Vormgeving Volken Beck BNO

    Uitgave t.g.v. uitreiking Piet Zwart prijs 2010 aan Willem Diepraam op 23 oktober 2010 tijdens Dutch Design Award


    “If there’s an emblematic Diepraam image, perhaps it is a 1974 shot from Fatima, Portugal, depicting old women in a crowd, their wizened visages framing the hopeful, unlined beauty of a young girl who stands between them. Diepraam brings his lens squarely to the meat of mass gatherings, protest marches, and the like, but his interest lies in the sheer vitality of the humanity he locates, not in the specifics of their geopolitics. (…) Diepraam’s photos may evoke pity or wonder, yet they avoid cliché with the true ease of a great photojournalist whose instinct is to record, never preach.” – Bouilla Baise Work in progress

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