Tales from the Black Sea: Turkey, Sinop


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    Artist: Bert Spiertz

    This is the story of a man who has dedicated his life to nature. A man who refused the system, who got rid of his clothes and money after his graduation of the college… He played his drum to make people aware of their own environment like Dioegenes did with his lantern on the same land once. For some, he was insane while for some others he was a philosopher. The reason why he ended up with such a kind of life was a love story that is told. Is it so indeed?

    Fine art pigment print, size 30x45cm, edition of 10.

    Also available mounted in dibond.


    Bert Spiertz (1953) is a Dutch photographer, currently living in Arnhem.
    In the 80’s and 90’s he worked mainly as a traveling photographer with an interest in social documentary reports, at the time mainly in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union and South Asia.

    In the first decade of the twenty-first century, he followed the route between Tangier (Morocco) and Tehran (Iran) in a dozen trips. He bundled the result in the photo book ‘Tangier to Tehran’, which emphasizes daily life in the Arab world. The series was exhibited in several galeries.

    In 2013 he started an extensive photo project around the Dutch North Sea coast, in which he visualized the entire coastal strip, including the Wadden Sea and Wadden Islands.
    In 2018 the photobook Man-made Coast was published by Lecturis in the Netherlands.
    The book was followed bij the Man-made Coast exhibition which could be seen in, among other places, the Amstelkerk (Amsterdam), the city hall of Utrecht, Wageningen University and Artis Zoo.

    He is currently working on an extensive documentary series about the coastal regions of the Black Sea.
    In it he wants to give a picture of the versatility of landscape, culture and history of the seven countries around the Black Sea. The Black Sea Coast book is expected to appear in early 2022.

    info www.spiertzfoto.com

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