Passage #2, 2015

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    Artist: Adam Goodison

    From ‘A Passage’ (2016)

    Fine art inktjetprint, mounted on dibond, size 119x84cm (edition of 5 + 1 AP).


    Adam Goodison (1985) is an English photographer based between London and Wales. Born and raised in the industrial north of England, moved to London after completing his degree in Philosophy to pursue his artistic endeavours. Originally working in film, he made the transition to stills and perfected his craft after three years working under renowed photographer Nick Knight. Adam then pursued his own career with clients in fashion ranging from as far a field as London, New York, Paris and Dubai. He continues to work on his landscape and still life projects and following two group exhibitions in 2015 hopes to have completion on a series of new works for publications in 2016.

    ‘A Passage’

    The most recent work consists of six months travelling to parts of the United Kingdom to capture settings and environments that evoke a dream like sentation, playing on rich colour palettes and tight compositions in order to reimagine scenario and styles similar to those of Caspar David Friedrich, William Turner, Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.

    The resulting work is a richness of colour and details, carefully constructed and considered and asking the viewer to enter a serene landscape reminiscent of the old masters.

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