Launching seascapes ‘Maro’

Uit de serie ‘Maro’ / Mischa Keijser
from the project  ‘Maro’ / Mischa Keijser

We are so proud to be able to announce the new project of Mischa Keijser: ‘Maro’.

This year he started a new project: with assistance of his partner Wiesje Peels he went into the sea, with camera and light, to work on his new project: producing seascapes. At the occasion of the Affordable Art Fair 2016 in Amsterdam, Sandvoort Gallery will show the first results.

Mischa Keijser (Rotterdam, 1974) is a dutch artist, using photography as his main medium.
His work has the relation between the Dutch and nature that surrounds them as an important subject.
Images of his personal life are often mixed with these the former subject.

Educated at the Academy of fine arts St. Joost in Breda (bachelor, 1997; post graduate, 1999).

His work has been exhibited in many museums and galleries, like Noord-Brabants Musaeum (Den Bosch, 2002), Festival Breda Photo (2003), De Engelbewaarder (Amsterdam, 2003), Kranendonk Gallery (The Hague, 2004), Dutch Military Aerospace Museum (2004), Institut Neerlandais (Paris, 2004), FOAM (Amsterdam, 2004), Pennings Gallery (Eindhoven, 2005, 2009), Naarden Foto Festival (2007), SBK Gallery (Breda, 2011).

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