Sequences, The Ultimate Selection


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    Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski: SEQUENCES, The Ultimate Selection

    Between September 1971 and May 1984 photographer Michel Szulc Kryzanowski (1949) produced his magnus opus, known under tthe title ‘Sequences’.

    The ultimate selection of the 110 sequences has been published in this hardcover book, distributed by Voetnoot in 2009.


    Sequences, The Ultimate Selection

    Uitgeverij Voetnoot, First edition, November 2029

    ISBN 978-90-78069-495

    Size 20x33cm, hardcover, 232 pages, 110 illustrations (all black-and-white)

    Michel Szulc Kryzanowski was born in 1949 from a Polish father and a Dutch/Belgian mother in the small town of oosterhoout in the south of the Netherlands. He sudied at the Academy of Art St. Joost in Breda and the Royal Academy of Art in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

    He graduated in 1970 and since then works as an autonomous artist photographer. In addition to sequences he continues to make other forms ofr conceptual photography, as wel as world wide photo projects. His work has been widely and frequently exhibited and published. Many museums and private collectors have the work of Szulc Krzyzanowski in their collections.






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