Destination #20, frame size 100x150cm


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    Artist: Raymond Waltjen

    Lambda print, size 66,5x120cm, mounted in white wooden floating frame with museumglass, size 100x150cm, Edition of 5 (+ 2 A.P.).




    “As a photographer I am fascinated by industrial environments and architectural forms. I like to spend time in port areas, which I have done many times in recent years. There where huge sea-going vessels pass close by. Like large apartment buildings at sea. Log, robust and tough. Through wind and weather they sail across the immense oceans, braving storms, on their way to their destination.

    Once they have left the harbor, they turn out to be nothing compared to the immense space. Before my eyes they soon disappeared like dots on the horizon. I was fascinated by the subject because on the one hand I find the ships surprising in shape (architectural) and on the other I became fascinated by the world behind them. Our consumer society requires a constant flow of charges traversing the seas. Much more than you can imagine. Traffic at sea is busier than you might think or perceive. It is a world in itself, which, as far as I have been able to judge, consists mainly of men. Men who work on board 24/7 for weeks, months. Away from home and hearth. Living in the square meter. Life at sea has no time, it follows the tide. Sailors are world travelers who are at work. It evokes images of adventure, discovering (experiencing) other cities / countries, but at the same time also of loneliness, homesickness and boredom. What do they leave behind? What do they encounter? What and where does it take them?”



    Raymond Waltjen (1956) started his career as art director and creative director of advertising agencies like PMSvW, FHV/BBDO and Noordervliet & Winninghof. Later he worked as freelance art director, combined that with a freelance photography practice. Over the years he won several nominations of the Photographer Association of the Netherlands (PANL) and the annual photo competion ‘Zilveren Camera’.

    His work has been shown in several groupexpositions at the Amsterdam Historical Museum, ABC Treehouse Gallery (Haarlem), SBK Amsterdam, Kunst10Daagse (Bergen), Museum van Bommel van Dam and others.

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