Affordable Art Fair 2017: Booth D2

Mischa Keijser, Maro #03

Sandvoort Gallery is one of the 66 galleries at Affordable Art Fair 2017 in the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam North from 2 till 5 November 2017.

Contemporary art from young talent and experienced artists for affordable prices, shown by local and (inter)national galleries.
This Fair is inspirational, educational, and above all: fun!

You don’t have to be an experienced art buyer, this is the occasion just to enjoy whatever is around.

Galleries are only alowed to offer the work of the generation of artists who are working today.

And the aim of this Fair is to get you in touch with the art of our time.

Sandvoort Gallery will show the work of Saskia Boelsums, Mischa Keijser, Mark Verdoes, Mark Kohn and Irene Wijnmaalen.


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