Still Life: Hydrangea

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    Artist: Saskia Boelsums  (1960)

    Format 68 x102 cm, Canson Infinity fine art paper, frame 93,5 x 125 cm incl. passe partout and museumglass, edition of 5 (+ 1 AP).

    Prices on request.

    Saskia Boelsums (born 1960 in Nieuwer-Amstel, Netherlands) grew up in Persia (nowadays Iran) and on Curacao (the Dutch Cariben). She got her education at Academy Minerva (Groningen Nederlands) in graphic and spatial design.

    Since 1999 she mainly is designing 3D-installations, often together with her partner Peter Veen. From 2013 photography is her exclusive medium.

    In recent years her work is often exhibited, among others at Pulchri Studio (The Hague, 2008), Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven, 2011), Centrum Beeldende Kunst (Emmen, 2014), Young Masters Art Prize (London, 2014), Cynthia Corbett Gallery/Sphinx Fine Art (London, 2014), Fotofestival Naarden 2015, Jeffrey Leder Gallery (New York, 2016), Vondel CS-Torenkamer Opium (2016), Na Kashirke Gallery (Moskou, 2016), Concordia (Enschede, 2016-2017), Craft and Folk Art Museum (Los Angeles, 2017).


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